S.B.R. Fitness Studio is not like a regular commercial gym. It is a personal studio. You will have access to an onsite coach at anytime during your workouts to ensure proper form, correct movement and lifting techniques. 

S.B.R is different because it strives to get people the best results in the shortest amount of time as well as creating a unique studio experience. It’s committed to you the minute you walk into the studio. Tracking your journey to ensure that you do not get off track and teach you a way of making fitness a daily habit and part of your life!​

S.B.R is dedicated to providing you with personal and group sessions that challenge your mind and body in a fun and effective way. All fitness levels are welcomed !


Leo Hernandez

Certified trainer

Our instructor is a certified trainer with a diverse style to keep you motivated with each workout and will excel at applying his knowledge to your own goals, no matter your age or fitness level.


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